CBSE : Class X : Economics : Chapter 1 : Development : Question and Answer

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  • Published date: August 11, 2018
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Q1. Explain any two aspects of development ?
Ans: The two aspects of development are:
i) Different person can have different development goal.
ii) What may be development for one may not be development for other. It may even be destructive for other.

Q2. What is economic development ? What are the two bases for measuring economic development of a country ?
Ans : Economic development means the rate of production is greater than the rate of increase of population and rate of growth of GDP is high enough to fulfill the basic needs of the people of the country.
Two basis for measuring development of a country are :
i) Average Income or per capita income.
ii) National Income or Public facility.

Q3: People have conflicting development goals. Justify the statement with suitable examples.
Ans :  People have conflicting development goals as :
i) There are some need which are common to all like income, freedom, equality, respect etc.
ii) development or progress does not always means the same things for every individuals.
iii) What may be development for some may be destruction for others. For eg: Government makes dam for producing electricity but the tribal may resent this as it would displace them by submerging their land

Q4: Mention any three measures characteristics of development.
Ans :  The characteristics of development are :
i) For development, people look at the mix of goal.
ii) What may be development for some may be destruction for others.
Iii) Income is the most important component of development but people also seek other goals like equal treatment, peace and security.

Q5: What do you mean by Human development ?
Ans : Human development means that education and health are an important part to achieve the well being of the human resource.
It also indicates that the human mind becomes more efficient to perform skilled task when program education is provided to them and a healthy lifestyle is available.
Human Development Index (HDI) is published by UNDP (United Nation Development plan). HDI indicate the level of development of a country. It also tells about the development of the important welfare elements such as life expectancy, literacy, health status etc....

Q6: Beside income, what can be the other attributes to compare the economic development ?
Ans : Income is one of the most important indicators of economic development of a country, but it is not the only criteria for economic development. Some of the other factors are :
i) Infant mortality rate : Low infant mortality rate indicates good facilities and all round development.
ii) Literacy rate : Low literacy rate indicates backwardness and slow economic development of the country.
Iii) Life expectancy : It indicates the availability of health facilities. Low life expectancy will be an obstacle to economic development.



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