CBSE : Class X : English : Chapter 1 : Two Gentlemen Of Verona : Question And Answer

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  • Published date: August 26, 2018
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Q1: Why didn’t Luigi, the driver, approve of the two boys ?

Ans : Luigi disapproved the two boys because they didn’t look presentable in their worn out clothes, tangled hair and dusty dark skin. Luigi doubted them to be shady characters and advise the writer not to but strawberries from them.

Q2: Why were the narrator and his companion impressed by the two boys ?

Ans : Nicola and Jacopo with their tangled hair and shady appearance and dark skin didn’t seem very impressive at first. Nevertheless, the writer was impressed and was held by dark eyes. Their honesty, willingness to work and multitasking ability left their mark on the writer.

Q3: Why was the author surprised to see Nicola and Jacopo working as shoeshine boys ?

Ans : The author was surprised to see the two boys because the previous day he had met them on the street selling strawberries. The writer assumed that they were fruit sellers.

Q4: How were the boys useful to the author ?

Ans : The boys were useful to the author in variety of ways , be it pack of American cigeratte or seats for musical opera or the name of good restaurant, these two boys wasted no time to accomplish the task given to them. They would be relied upon to satisfy every need that the writer had.

Q5: Why were the boys in the deserted square at night ? What character traits do they exhibit ?

Ans : One night the writer met the two boys sitting in deserted square with a bundle of unsold newspapers. Being question Nicola answer that they were waiting for the last bus from Padua to arrive, so that they could sell the newspaper to the passengers.

The writer was very impressed by their patience, confidence and their ability to work relentlessly. The two boys exhibited strong relation of love and affection between them.

Q6: The narrator ask the boys “ Must you work so hard ? You both look rather tired.”. The boy reply, “We are not complaining, sir.” What do you learn about the boys from their reply ?

Ans : The quoted answer given by Nicola present that they were two boys in different light. Even though they were young children from a poor background involved in different kind of works. We got to see them that they have a lot of self respect and would not appreciate if someone took pity on them. Even they were in physical, mental and emotional problem, their self respect prevented them from discussing their personal problems with an outsider. Nicola and Jacopo didn’t call for people’s sympathy but they deserve our respect.

Q7: When the narrator asks the boys about their plans, they were evasive. Why don’t they disclose their problems ?

Ans : The boys self respect prevented them from disclosing their plans to the stranger as they didn’t want any person to take pity on their conditions and they become obliged to them. They didn’t say any word to author as they were not looking for any sympathy. Self respect was more important to them rather then discussing their problems with outsiders.



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