CBSE : Class X : Civics : Chapter 3 : Democracy And Diversity : Question and Answers

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  • Published date: September 9, 2018
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Q1: What action was taken by the International Olympic association against each of the three athletes ?

Ans : Following action were taken against three athletes by International Olympics association:

a) The International Olympic association held Carlos and Smith guilty of violating the Olympic spirit by making political statement.

b) Their medals were taken back.

c) back home they were subjected to lot of criticism.

d) Peter Norman too suffered for his action and was not included in the Australian team for the next Olympics.

Q2: Every social difference doesn’t lead to social division. Do you agree with it ? Justify.

Ans : Every social difference doesn’t lead to social division because;

a) Social differences may divide similar people away from one another, but they also unite very different people.

For eg: Carlos and Smith were similar to each other as they were Afro-American but they were different from Norman who was white. But Norman did sympathise with Carlos and Smith.

b) It is easier to accommodate cross-cutting differences.

For Eg: Catholics and Protestants had some social differences, but later they were then able to patch up their differences. This didn’t led to social division.

Q3: What did the black glove and raised clenched fists symbolised ?

Ans : The black glove and raised clenched fists symbolised Black Power. With this they tried to draw International attention to racial discrimination in the united States.

Q4: Despite being a nation with numerous social divisions, Netherlands hasn’t face crises or a conflict. Analyse the statement.

Ans : In Netherlands, class and religion tend to cross cut each other. They consisted of two groups which were Catholics and Protestants which were about equally likely to be poor or rich. This is the reason that despite being a nation with numerous social division, Netherlands hasn’t faced crises or a conflict.

Q5: How does overlapping of social differences leads to social division ? Why is it easier to accommodate cross-cutting differences then overlapping differences ?

Ans : When social differences are overlapping, two social groups who are pitted against each other on one issue, will oppose each other on other issues as well. On the other hand, when social differences are cross-cutting each other, two social groups might be oppositional in their views on one issue might share supportive view on another issue. Northern Ireland has overlapping social differences whereas Netherlands has cross-cutting differences.

Q6: Describe the factors which decides the outcome of politics of social division.

Ans : The factors which decides the outcome of politics of social division are as follows:

a) The outcome depends on how people perceive their identities. It is much easier if the people see that their identities are multiple and are complementary with the national interest.

b) It depends on how political leaders raises the demands of any community. It is easier to accommodate demands that are within the constitutional framework and are not at the cost of other community or their interest.

c) It also depends on how the government reacts to the demands of different groups.

Q7: We have different identities in different context. Support the statement.

Ans : As we all belong to more than one social groups, we have different identities in different context like:

a) People belonging to same religion feels that they doesn’t belongs to same community because their caste or sect is very different.

b) It is possible for people from different religions to have the same caste and feel close to each other.

c) Rich and poor person from the same family often doesn’t keep close relations with each other for they feel things are very different.

 Q8: Explain with the examples of social differences.

 Ans : Following are few examples depicting social differences :

 a) Based on Birth : Normally, we don’t choose to belong to one community we belong to it simply because we were born into.

 b) Based on physical abilities or disabilities : There are discrimination based on gender, appearances (tall or short), colour and complexion or different physical abilities and disabilities.

 c) Based on choices like:-

 I) Some people are atheist, they don't believe in God or any other religions.

 ii) Some people choose to follow religion other then one in which they were born into.

 Q9: What are the features of homogeneous society ?

 Ans : A society that has similar kinds of people, especially where there are no significant ethnic differences is called homogenous society. Countries like Germany and Sweden were once highly homogenous.

 Q10. What did African-American athlete do in Mexico Olympics in order to draw the International attention to social discrimination in USA ?

 Ans : The African-American athlete stood with clenched fist upraised and head bowed, while American national anthem played. They received their medals wearing black socks no shoes to represents Black poverty. The Black gloved and raised clenched fists were used to symbolise Black power . With this gesture, they tried to draw international attention to racial discrimination in USA.




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