CBSE : Class X : Science : Chapter 13 : Magnetic Effects of Electrical Current : What are the various properties of Magnets ?

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  • Published date: April 8, 2019
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Ans: Following are the properties of magnets:

a) Poles of a magnet : The ends of a magnet where magnetic effects are higher, are called as poles of a magnet. There are two poles: North and South poles.

b) Directional properties : When a magnet is suspended freely, it always comes to rest in North-South directions.

c) Attraction-Repulsion in a magnet: The magnetic poles exert forces on each other, like poles repel, and unlike poles attract each other.

d) Magnetic poles always exist in pair: The poles of a magnet can’t be separated. If a bar magnet is cut into two pieces, each piece will behaves as a complete magnet. Having a north and a south pole.

e) Repulsion is a sure test of magnetism: If we want to test whether a metal bar is a magnet or not, then bring a magnet near the metal bar. If one end of the bar is attracted by the magnet and the other is repelled, then metal bar is a magnet but, if both the ends of the metal bar are attracted by the same pole of the magnet, than the metal bar is not a magnet. Therefore, repulsion is a sure test of magnetism.

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