CBSE : Class X : Science : Chapter 13 : Magnetic Effects of Electrical Current : Explain the working of Electric motor.

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  • Published date: April 8, 2019
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Ans: When the current from the battery enters to the coil, it follows a path as given below:

 Battery ---- > B1 --- > R1 ---- > AB --- > CD --- > R2 --- > B2 --- > Battery

 When current flows through AB, according to Fleming left hand rule, it experiences force inwards and when it passes through CD, experiences force outwards.

 After half rotation, the arm of the coil interchanges their position, and now R2 comes in contact with B1 and R1 comes in contact to B2. Therefore, the current in the coil get reversed along the path DCBA ie direction of current in the arms AB and CD gets reversed. The arm AB experience a force inwards. Thus, the coil and the axel rotates 180° in the same anti-clockwise direction. Thus, after every half cycle, the coil and the axle rotates in the same direction between two magnets. The electrical energy is, thus, converted to a mechanical energy.

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