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 Q1) Fill in the blanks:

 a) We use gift of nature to fulfil ours needs.

 b) Falling water can generate Hydeo-electricity.

 c) Land and water are abiotic resources.

 d) Usefulness of a resource depends upon utility & value.

 e) Another name for exhaustible resource is non-renewable resources.

 Q2) What is Environment ?

 A) Surroundings which includes both physical and cultural elements is called environment.

 Q3) What is natural resources ?

 A) Gifts of mother nature which can be used to satisfy human needs are called natural resources.

 Q4) What is resources ?

 A) The development of techniques which can convert gifts of nature into useful and valuable articles are called resources.

 Q5) What do you understand by sustainable development ?

 A) balancing the need to use the resources and also conserving them for future generation is termed as sustainable development. It can be done by reducing our consumption, by recycling products and reusing them. Some principle of sustainable developments are:

 i) To give respect abd care for all forms of life;

 ii) Conserve the earth’s diversity and versatility

 iii) Minimise the depletion of natural resources.

 Q6) Write short notes on water resources ?

 A) Water is very valuable resource which is recycled in nature. Life is not possible without water. 3/4th part of earth is covered with water. Out of this nearly 97% of water is in seas and oceans. As this water is salty, we cannot use it for drinking and irrigation. 2% of water is found in glaciers and ice-caps. Only 1% is fresh water. This is found in rivers and lakes.

 According to UN, 80 nations are suffering from water crisis problems. In India too, states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa are in severe shortage of drinking water.

 Q7) Name two regions in India where wind farms are present ?

 A) The regions where wind farms are present are as follows:

 i) Tamil nadu

 ii) Gujarat

 Q8) Where is Ruhr ?

 A) Ruhr is in Germany.

 Q9) What do you mean by Patent ?

 A) Patent means exclusive rights over any idea or invention.

 Q10) Depending upon the origin, how are resources classified ?

 A) depending upon the origin, resources are classified in to two categories, they are:

 i) Biotic resources

 ii) Abiotic resources

 Q11) On the basis of their distribution, how resources are classified ?

 A) On the basis of distribution, resources are classified into two categories. They are:

 i) Ubiquitous resources

 ii) Localised resources.

 Q12) Mention the importance of water ?

 Ans: Following are the importance of water :

 i) Water forms 70% of our body and is also required by plants for photosynthesis.

 ii) Electricity is generated from water force and tides.

 Iii) The force of water breaks down the rocks and helps in soil formation.

 iv) Human being use water for various purpose like drinking, cooking, bathing etc.

 v) Water is also vital for growth of plants and industries.

 Q13) Explain what do you mean by overutilisation of resources ?

 A) We use resources to satisfy our needs. This use varies from person to person, time to time, and place to place. Developed countries use more resources then developing countries. Overpopulation also leads to overutilisation of resources. It is the responsibility of human beings to keep a check on his desire and preserve the resources for future generation.

 Q14) List few measures of conservation of resources ?

 A) Listed below are some of the ways of conserving resources ?

 i) Reasonable and judicious use of available resources.

 ii) Planned efforts to regenerate and replenish renewable resources.

 Iii) Strict enforcement of Government Laws and regulations for conservation of resources.

 iv) Trying to make more use of alternate means of resources.

 v) Promoting recyclable and reusable resources.

 vi) Encouraging afforestation and conserving the earths utility earths diversity.

 Q15) What is difference between Actual resources and Potential resources ?

 A) Following are difference between Actual resources and Potential resources:

 i) Actual resources:

 a) Its quantity is known

 b) The resources are being used in present

 c) Development of an actual resources depends upon available technology and cost involved.

 d) The rich deposit of coal in Ruhr region of Germany and dark soils of Deccan plateau are example of actual resources.

 ii) Potential resources:

 a) Its entire quantity may not be known.

 b) These resources are not being used in present.

 c) Potential resources need detail survey for estimating their quantity and quality

 d) The uranium found in Ladakh and high speed winds in Nagarcoil in Tamilnadu are example of potential resources.

 Q16) What is difference between Ubiquitous resources and Localised resources ?

 A) Following are the difference between Ubiquitous resources and Localised resources :

 i) Ubiquitous resources

 a) resources which are found everywhere on the earth and are accessible to everyone are called Ubiquitous resources.

 b) These resources are renewable.

 Eg: Air, Sun light, water etc.

 ii) Localised resources :

 a) Resources which are found in specific or certain places are called localised resources.

 b) These resources may get over if used excessively.

 Eg: Coal, Gas, petroleum, Iron etc.


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