CBSE : Class VIII : Civics : Chapter 2 : Understanding Secularism : Questions and Answers

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Q1: What do you understand by secularism ? Is India secular country ?

A) The preamble states that India is a secular country. This mean that there will be no state religion. All religions will be treated equally. The constitution also guarantees the right to freedom of religion as fundamental right. This includes the freedom of profess, propagate and practice any religion. Hence every religion groups in India can practice and propagate its faith. The government has the duty to protect the life, liberty and property of all its citizen without discriminating them on basis of caste, creeds, religion or female and male.

Q2) What are the main objectives of a secular state according to the constitution ?

A) According to the constitution, its mandatory for a secular state to follow the following objectives:

a) That one religious community does not dominates other religious community.

b) That some members does not dominates others in the same religious community.

c) The state does not enforce any particular religion or take away the religious freedom of individual.

Q3) How does Indian state work to prevent the domination of religion ?

A) Following are the ways by which the state work in various way to prevent the religious domination:

a) It uses a strategy of distancing itself from religion.

b) It follows a strategy of non-interference in religion matters.

c) It also follows a strategy of intervention in religious matters whenever the problems and discrimination takes place wither in religious community or between religious communities.

Q4) What do you mean by the statement “State uses strategy of distance itself from religions” ?

A) By this statement, it means that Indian state isn’t ruled by a religious group and nor does it support any religion. In India, all government institution and places like school, police station, courts, offices aren’t suppose to be displayed in any one religion.

Q5) What is the difference between the Indian secularism practice and practice in USA ?

A) The main difference between India secularism and the understanding of secular practice in the USA is there is a strict seperation between religion and the state in American secularism, the state can intervene in religious affairs. Eg: banning of untouchability.

Q6) Give one example to show how state intervene in religious matters.

A) State works on a strategy of intervention in order to prevent the domination of religion. We can explain this by mentioning the ban of untouchability. People of same religion sometime dominates the people of same community just because they are of lower caste. In order to prevent the religious based exploitation and discrimination of lower caste, our constitution has banned untouchability. By doing this, state intervene in the religion to bring an end to social practice that bring indiscrimination and violates the fundamental rights of lower caste. Another example is giving respect to equal inheritance's right.

Q7) Why is state kept separate from religion ?

A) It is important aspect of secularism to keep religion separate from state from being partial to the majority religious groups. Tyranny of majority could result in discrimination. They can prevent minorities enjoying their fundamental rights and dignity. Therefore, it is an important reason to separate state from religion.

Another reason why a state is kept separate from religion is, we all are needed to protect freedom of individual to exit their religion and embrace another.

Q8) What do you understand by policy of non-interference ?

A) Strategy of non-interference is a way which works to prevent the domination of religion over the state. This means in order to respect the sentiments of all religion and gives them certain exceptions, for eg: for sikh community, wearing turban is a very vital part of their religion, the government can not force them to wear helmet.

Q9) What are the names of fundamental tight in USA ?

A) In the USA, fundamental right is called as the bills of right.

Q10) Give one example from the USA that is considered and practice by some children in government schools as religious saying.

A) In the USA, most children in government school began their day by reciting the pledge of allegiance. This pledge includes ‘under God’. It was established more than 60 years ago that it should not be recited in government school as it conflicts their religious belief. Despite this it was challenged that it violates separation between church and states.





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